“7 Simple Steps to Make YouTube Upload Dates Visible!”

One of the most widely used video streaming services in the world, YouTube offers anything from gaming streams to well-liked cookery shows, movies, and TV episodes. It is the largest video platform on the internet and the second most viewed website behind Google.

Hey there, fellow content creators and YouTube enthusiasts! Today, I’m going to let you in on a little secret that has frustrated many of us: how to make those sneaky YouTube upload dates visible, boosting your video SEO game, and helping your content get discovered like a hidden treasure!

Understanding How YouTube Sets Upload Dates

Let’s get to it: By default, YouTube handles upload dates in a confusing manner. So, even if you’ve added an upload date to your movie, it might occasionally not appear. Why do you have to be so confused, YouTube?

This mystery has an effect on more than just the viewers; it also has an effect on us, the content creators. Right, we want people to know when our fantastic videos were released. It contributes to our efforts to win over our audience’s trust and demonstrate our professionalism.

The Impact of Video Upload Dates on Rankings

The advanced algorithms used by YouTube use upload dates when arranging search results. YouTube Visible upload dates are the best option if you want to keep your movies in the spotlight because newer content frequently receives a boost.

User Expectations and Credibility

Imagine that you find a wonderful video, but you don’t know when it was uploaded. Do you believe it? Most likely not. People prefer to be assured that the content they are watching is current and pertinent. Visible upload dates foster viewer trust and encourage repeat visits.

Why Some Upload Dates May Not Be Visible?

Say what? Some upload dates aren’t clearly visible? That is correct! Your upload dates might not be appearing for some cunning reasons, and we’re here to solve that riddle.

Settings for Privacy and Visibility

Your privacy and visibility settings might be a factor. Your movies won’t display their upload dates to the public if you’ve set them to private or unlisted. Check those settings once more, and then let your dates be like stars on the red carpet.

Time Zone Inconsistencies

Time zones, punctuality’s enduring enemy. Due to time zone differences, your video may display a date that is different from the one you really uploaded. Do not worry; you may restore order by changing the time zone settings.

The Value of Clearly YouTube Visible Upload Dates

The question “What’s the big deal with visible upload dates, anyway?” may be on your mind right now. Let me tell you, my friend! When your audience can see those dates, it gives your material more legitimacy and authenticity. They’ll be able to tell that you’re keeping it current and relevant, which is a great advantage.

Additionally, it makes for a better user experience when you can see the order in which movies were uploaded on a channel. Am I correct?

How to Fix YouTube Upload Dates Visible in 7 Steps

You shouldn’t be concerned if you’ve observed that the YouTube upload date is no longer shown on your device; you’re not the only one. This problem has recently been brought up by a lot of people, and it appears to be connected to an update to YouTube’s algorithm. The best 6 ways to change YouTube upload dates are shown below.

Step 1: Viewing the Upload Date Using a Chrome Extension

Use of the well-liked Google Chrome extension YouTube Upload Time is one of the most trustworthy ways to see the precise date and time of a certain YouTube video. To display the precise date and time of the video submitted on the YouTube Platform, this plugin makes use of the Google API.

To fix YouTube upload dates, add the YouTube Upload Time extension to Chrome.
The steps for installing and using this extension are listed below. To install this extension, first launch the Google Chrome web store on your browser. Open the YouTube video you want to know more about, then click the installed extension to find out when it was uploaded.

Additionally, this extension allows you to change time zones so that you may see the date and time the chosen video was uploaded in the format of your choice. It is among the simplest and easist ways to view the date that a YouTube video was uploaded.

Step 2: Removal of Browser Data

Deleting all of your browser data is a different approach you might try to resolve this issue. In order to choose which surfing data to erase, first navigate to the clear browsing data tab in your browser’s options.

Image Source: wikiHow

To fix the dates of YouTube uploads, clear browsing data.
Just choose Cache and Cookies from the menu now, and make sure All Time is selected for the Time range. After that, click the Clear now button to erase all of your internet history.

Finally, open your video again on YouTube and restart your browser. It should now function normally without any problems.

Step 3: Modifying YouTube Video Zoom Level

The majority of users report success with it, making it one of the simplest solutions to the problem. To view the date that a video was uploaded, simply change the zoom level of the current YouTube page in your browser. Changing the zoom level to 90% or 125% will enable you to achieve your goals.

YouTube Upload Dates Can Be Fixed by Changing the Zoom Level
Start by opening a YouTube video that has this problem in your browser. Then, to zoom out or in on the page, you must simultaneously click the Ctrl and – or + buttons on your keyboard.

To check whether the uploaded video date is clearly visible or not, simply reload the website. Many users have already reported success with this method.

Step 4: Using the Online YouTube Metadata Tool

You can utilize the YouTube Metadata web tool in addition to the Chrome extension to expose all the details related to any YouTube video, including the date and time of upload. You can find some information on using this tool here.

Utilize the online tool for fixing YouTube upload dates.
To start, you must copy the YouTube video’s URL to your clipboard. Next, enter the copied link in the search field of the YouTube Metadata online tool. Simply click the Submit button at this point to produce the search results.

Step 5: Changing To Tablet View

Change the orientation of any YouTube video by selecting the Tablet view in your browser to show the video’s upload date. Start by opening any video on YouTube, doing a right-click, and selecting the Inspect option.

Fixing YouTube Upload Dates by Using Tablet View
To change the screen view or orientation, you must next click the Smartphone or Tablet view button.

The video upload date should now be easily visible beneath your current YouTube video.

Step 6: Utilizing Third-Party Software

Even though we wouldn’t exactly advise you to utilize this method, if all else fails, you can use any of the many third-party tools that are readily available online to determine the precise upload date of a specific movie.

Fixing the upload dates on YouTube by using a third-party tool
For Chrome or Chromium-based browsers like Edge, you can test out several browser extensions.

Additionally, you can use any web service from a third party to obtain all pertinent details about a YouTube video by simply providing a link to the video.

Step 7: Checking the Visibility of the Upload Date

Now, take a time to make sure everything is operating as it should before calling it a day. Look into how your viewers perceive the upload dates. just to be safe

That’s a Wrap on “7 Simple Steps to Make YouTube Upload Dates Visible!”

It is vital for content creators to understand the significance of visible upload dates on YouTube.You can promote a more open and interesting interaction with your audience by putting the above suggestions into practice. Adopt these best practices, and watch your channel flourish as you produce material that connects with viewers. This will ensure long-term success in the cutthroat world of online video entertainment.


I see you’ve got some burning questions. Let’s address the common ones.

Q1. What are the benefits of making YouTube upload dates visible?

ANS. By making the YouTube upload dates clear, you can help your audience realize the importance and recentness of your material. Users are more likely to interact with current films knowing they are up-to-date, which promotes confidence and legitimacy.

Q2. How can I make YouTube upload dates visible on my videos?

ANS. To make YouTube upload dates visible, follow these steps:
Step 1: Sign in to your YouTube Studio.
Step 2: Go to the “Content” tab.
Step 3: Click on “Visibility” in the top menu.
Step 4: Check the box “Always show publish date.”
Step 5: Click “Save” to apply the changes.

Q3. Will making upload dates visible impact my video’s performance?

ANS. No, showing upload dates won’t directly impact your video’s performance or reach. However, it can enhance user experience and boost engagement, leading to potential indirect benefits for your channel.

Q4. Are there any disadvantages to displaying upload dates on my videos?

ANS. The practice of displaying upload dates has no notable drawbacks. However, if you have a backlog of older videos, some viewers could prefer it, which could have an impact on how well older videos do.

Q5. Can I choose not to show upload dates on specific videos?

ANS. You may choose to hide the upload dates on specific movies, yes. Follow these steps to accomplish this:
Step 1: log in to your YouTube Studio account.
Step 2: select the “Content” tab.
Step 3: Choose the video you wish to edit.
Step 4: In the top menu, select “Visibility”.
Step 5: Deselect “Always show publish date.”
Step 6: Press “Save” to put the changes into effect.

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