Best Ways to Fix YouTube Video Processing Stuck at 0,95,99%

When you submit a YouTube video and it gets stuck at 0%, 95%, or 99% processing, you know how frustrating that is as a content provider. This problem might be a big obstacle, especially if you want to share your work with your audience right away. The best solutions for YouTube video processing stuck at these crucial places will be covered in this post. To help you get beyond this difficulty and maintain the seamless operation of your channel, we’ll look at a variety of remedies, advice, and troubleshooting methods.

Common Reasons Behind YouTube Video Processing Stuck

Before moving on to the solutions, let’s quickly go over the typical causes of YouTube video processing issues:

Large File Size: Uploading large video files may result in delays or even failures during the processing stage.

Slow Internet Connection: A slow internet connection can make it difficult to upload and process videos efficiently.

Unsupported Video Format: YouTube supports a number of different video formats, and utilizing one that is not supported may cause processing problems.

Bugs in the Browser or YouTube App: The upload process may be halted by bugs in the browser or YouTube app.

Video Content Violations: Violations of the community guidelines for YouTube’s video platform may result in processing delays for the offending videos.

Cache and cookies: An overflow of cache and cookies in the browser can prevent the upload of videos.

Server Overload: Peak hours may see significant traffic on YouTube servers, which can cause delays in processing.

Let’s get to the remedies now that we are aware of the possible causes.

How to Fix a YouTube Video Stuck on Processing?

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Section 1 Reduce the size of the video file

Large video files take longer to process and may have uploading issues. Before submitting your videos to YouTube, think about compressing them to prevent this. To minimize the file size without sacrificing quality, you can utilize a variety of video compression programs that are available online or video editing applications.

How to Fix YouTube Video Processing Stuck by Compressing Videos

Step 1: Click Video and drag the video into the program after installing and starting VideoProc Converter.

Step 2: Select MP4(H.264) under Video and click the codec Option button.

Step 3: There are a variety of things we can do in this new panel to reduce the size of the video. To confirm the changes, click Done.

  • Slide the quality slider slightly to the left.
  • Reduce the frame rate. Normally, 24 to 30 frames per second would be ideal.
  • Reduce the resolution. Choose 1080P if our video is 4K instead of 720p here.
  • Lower the bitrate. Most of the time, we prefer bitrates lower than 3600 kbps.
  • Boost the GOP’s value. Reduce the audio’s bitrate or sample rate.
  • YouTube video compression

Step 4: Select Toolbox and select Trim to trim the video if necessary. Only the desired parts should be kept by moving the green knobs. Click Done.

Step 5: Click “Run.” With no YouTube stuck processing errors, VideoProc Converter begins to reduce the size of the video file for upload.

Section 2: The Common  Culprits

When it comes to problems with video processing, a few common culprits are to blame. These include issues with the video file format, the video connection, the browser, and occasionally even YouTube’s servers. Finding the best line of action requires an understanding of these culprits.

Section 3: Check Your Internet Connection

Checking that your internet connection is steady is the first step in fixing video processing issues. Videos may become stalled throughout the upload process if there is a slow or erratic connection. If necessary, think about rebooting your modem or router or getting in touch with your internet service provider.

Section 4: Optimal Video File Format

Although YouTube accepts a variety of video file types, it is better to submit videos in suggested formats like MP4,AVI, WMV or MOV to prevent processing problems. These formats are more likely to run smoothly during processing and are generally compatible.

Table: Comparison of Video Processing Time for Different Formats

Video FormatProcessing Time (Average)
MP41-5 Minutes
AVI3-7 Minutes
MOV2-6 Minutes
WMV4-8 Minutes

Section 5: Check the Video Size and Length

Extremely long or huge video files can overwhelm YouTube’s infrastructure and cause delays in processing. Consider reducing lengthy videos before uploading if necessary to account for the video’s length and file size.

Section 6: Update Your Browser

The processing needs of YouTube might not be supported by an old browser. To prevent compatibility problems, make sure you’re using the most recent version of your favorite browser.

Section 7: Remove All Cookies and Cache

Sometimes, cookies and built-up cache can prevent videos from uploading. Regular clearing of these can help to avoid processing difficulties.

image source: Southern University System

Section 8: Verify the video resolution

If your internet connection isn’t lightning fast, processing videos with extremely high resolutions may take longer. To speed up processing, think about submitting videos with standard resolutions.

Section 9: The Best Fixes for YouTube Videos Processing Stuck at 0%

It can be very upsetting when your video freezes at 0% during processing. The best solutions for this specific problem are as follows:

Pause and Resume: Simply pausing and restarting the upload will occasionally jump-start the processing.

Check Video Format: Make sure your video is in a compatible format, like MP4 or MOV, and re-upload if required.

Refresh the Upload Page: The problem could be a short-term bug. Frequently, refreshing the page will fix the issue.

Try a Different Browser: If the issue still exists, try the upload using a different browser to determine whether it is a browser-specific problem.

Restart Your Device: Restarting your computer or mobile device can help fix underlying software problems.

Section 10: The Best Solutions for YouTube Videos Processing Stuck at 95%

95% of the way there yet stuck there? Don’t worry; these are the greatest solutions for this situation:

Trim the Video: Remove a few seconds from the end of your video. This occasionally assists in exceeding the 95% threshold.

Remove Audio Tracks: On sometimes, audio tracks can interfere with processing. Consider deleting them and uploading again.

ChangeVideo Resolution: Lowering the video resolution can occasionally assist in getting passed the 95% barrier.

Consider utilizing YouTube Studio: If you’re currently using the standard uploader, give YouTube Studio a shot. The problem might be fixed with the new interface.

Consult with YouTube Support: Don’t be afraid to contact YouTube support if all else fails for help.

Section 11: The Best Solutions for YouTube Videos Processing Stuck at 99%

So near yet so far away! The following are the best solutions for videos that will not process past 99%:

Re-encode the video: Use a dependable video converter to change the format of your video before re-uploading it.

Check the length of your video; if it is especially long, you might want to break it up into smaller chunks and upload each one separately.

Use incognito mode: Sometimes, caching or browser extensions can interfere with processing. Try uploading while anonymous.

Upload at Off-Peak Hours: Uploading at off-peak hours can prevent YouTube’s servers from becoming overloaded.

Copyright violations should be looked for because they can cause processing issues. Make sure your video adheres to YouTube’s rules.

Section 12: Take Your Time

Sometimes waiting things out is the best course of action. Processing speeds for YouTube can change depending on server traffic and other elements. Try again later if nothing seems to be working after you’ve tried all the fixes.

Section 13: Prevention Is Always Better than Cure

It’s time to take preventative measures now that you’ve successfully fixed your video processing troubles. Utilize the following precautions:

Update Software Frequently: To prevent compatibility problems, keep your browser, operating system, and video editing software up to date.

Trim Any Unnecessary Content: Edit your films to get rid of any extraneous material to save space and speed up processing.

Backup Your Videos: Create a backup of your videos before uploading them to prevent losing them if there are any processing problems.

Watch YouTube’s Status: Look at YouTube’s official status page to see whether any processing server problems are still present.

That’s A Wrap on Best Ways to Fix YouTube Video Processing Stuck at 0,95,99%

It can be difficult to troubleshoot video processing problems, but with the knowledge from this beginner’s tutorial, you are now equipped with the means to get through the most typical difficulties. Don’t forget to verify your internet connection, select the best video formats, and experiment with different remedies for particular percentages. You’ll soon discover that your YouTube videos are processing quickly and engrossing your audience if you have patience and endurance.

FAQs: Fix YouTube Video Processing Stuck at 0,95,99%

Q1. Why is my video stuck at 95% processing?

ANS. Various factors, such as high file sizes, server problems, or technological difficulties, can cause videos to stall at the 95% processing mark. To solve the issue, implement the suggestions made in the article.

Q2. How long does YouTube video processing usually take?

ANS. The video format, file size, and server traffic can all affect how long it takes to process a video. Processing could take a few to several minutes on average.

Q3. Is there a limit to the number of videos I can upload on YouTube?

ANS. There are certain limitations on video duration and file size on YouTube, but content providers are still allowed to submit an unlimited number of videos.

Q4. Is 4K resolution video supported for upload?

ANS. Yes, YouTube does support videos at 4K resolution. However, bear in mind that processing time may take longer for higher file sizes.

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